How a SharePoint Intranet Can Bolster Employee Engagement

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They’re the lifeblood of your corporation, instrumental to everything you accomplish.

As your employees go, so goes the success of your business. Consequently, it behooves you to make achieving optimal employee engagement one of your highest priorities. The importance of employee engagement – that emotional commitment employees demonstrate towards their organization – simply cannot be overstated.

Engaged employees achieve greater productivity and better creativity when compared to their disengaged counterparts. These staff members exude higher morale, more job satisfaction and less susceptibility to employee turnover. From a ROI standpoint, companies enjoying the benefits associated with having engaged employees boast the potential to outperform engagement-lacking competitors by as much as 200 percent.

While many factors can impact employee engagement, your company’s ability to leverage a SharePoint Intranet belongs near the top of the list. When implemented effectively, a SharePoint Intranet platform can reduce inefficiencies, encourage innovation and promote teamwork – each of which can contribute to an enhanced sense of engagement among your staff.

Here are six ways a SharePoint Intranet can bolster employee engagement for your company:

1. More Efficient Use of Work Time

Your employees value their time tremendously, and they appreciate when measures are taken to protect their work time from wasteful uses. A SharePoint Intranet accomplishes just that, as it eliminates excessive use of email communication, lack of business process automation and complications due to difficulties with locating information and dispersing knowledge. Achieving better workplace efficiency ultimately helps your staff strike a better work-life balance, resulting in improved engagement when they are on the job.

2. Schedule Accessibility and Transparency

Speaking of work-life balance, a SharePoint Intranet’s calendar functionality enables you to streamline each employee’s unique schedule and tasks into a single source. When you can tailor your SharePoint calendar to your team’s specific needs and merge multiple calendars into one view, your staff can more effectively manage workflows, knowing where a particular project stands and who’s out-of-the-office at a given time. This optimizes engagement by affording your employees more freedom and flexibility with setting their schedules and completing their tasks on their own time.

3. Enhanced Social Connectivity

Large corporations often struggle with instilling a sense of belonging among employees. Since social interaction is recognized as a key factor for building employee engagement, utilization of a SharePoint Intranet to this end proves worthwhile. Like a library for internal discovery, a SharePoint Intranet allows users to search for people company-wide, visit coworkers’ profiles and inquire if a particular employee is available to chat or lend expertise. With its increased emphasis on social media applications and Community Sites that provide forums for discussion and knowledge-sharing, SharePoint truly encourages employees to pursue social connections and collaboration.

4. Stronger Spirit of Innovation

Are you truly harnessing the collective innovative powers of your staff? Employee engagement arises when your staff members believe the ideas they bring to the table are considered for implementation rather than ignored. Not only can a SharePoint Intranet provide an ideal platform for seeking suggestions from employees regarding improving operations, but it also can assist with conducting a vote on idea submissions and managing the workflow for executing approved ideas from concept through creation. You’ll likely find that a passion for innovation proves contagious within your organization.

5. Better Communication

Let’s face it: Effective organizational communication strengthens relationships while poor communication bodes problems. A SharePoint Intranet affords your company easy two-way communication between management and staff, improving both scope and speed. It also enhances your ability to share content department- or company-wide with ease. When it comes to maximizing employee engagement, optimal communication proves essential.

6. Easier Task Completion

At the end of the day, your employees are grateful for anything that reduces their stress levels and makes their jobs easier. Engagement and productivity are cyclical, as both fuel the other. A SharePoint Intranet empowers your employees with everything from a robust document management system to effective collaboration on shared projects to automation of certain aspects of a workflow to improve overall operational efficiency. When you succeed at simplifying your employees’ workdays, you foster a level of engagement that ultimately reflects positively on your company.

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