5 SharePoint Tips for Greater Team Productivity

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When it comes to your business, time truly is money.

You strive to maximize workplace efficiency, and for good reason -- the correlation between business productivity and profitability is clear for most companies. Yet no matter how you slice it, there's simply never enough hours in the day. That is, until you optimize your team's SharePoint productivity.

The "work smarter, not harder" mantra rings especially true when your company succeeds at getting the most out of SharePoint, capitalizing on its wide array of applications and functionality. SharePoint -- when its value is maximized -- boasts the potential to transform your ambitious vision for company output into reality by streamlining various business operations.

All too often, though, companies fall short in their efforts to utilize SharePoint to the fullest of its productivity-inducing capabilities. Like ordering an appetizer in place of an entrée, an underused SharePoint campaign leaves you only somewhat satisfied and likely wanting more.

Here are five tips for achieving greater SharePoint productivity for your team:

1. Train for Productivity Gain

To maximize SharePoint's return on investment, user adoption must be virtually unanimous. Each of your company's departments, teams and individual employees must not only understand the platform's immense capabilities, but also be able to apply them within the context of their job functions. Accordingly, offering a single SharePoint tutorial simply won't suffice. SharePoint training should be ongoing, providing employees with best-practice refreshers on a regular basis. Hosting monthly training sessions proves particularly important if your company experiences moderate-to-high turnover, and continuously needs to integrate new employees into your process for improving SharePoint productivity.

2. Promote Widespread Collaboration

While there is an "I" in SharePoint, the platform is at its best when it's utilized from a team perspective. Its collaborative nature fosters better teamwork and connectivity among departments. Eliminating the need for group emails and other inefficient means of communication, SharePoint facilitates a team approach that streamlines everything from workflow processes to document management. The end result: Creating, sharing and publishing content among a team has never been easier. Leverage this SharePoint truth to encourage and enhance collaboration company-wide.

3. Simplify Your Work Operations

Simplicity in the workplace is a beautiful thing, particularly when it results in SharePoint productivity gains. When utilized to its full extent, SharePoint offers a host of features enabling you to reduce operational complexities, including:

  • Simplify your administration controls process through an easier system for assigning user permission levels.
  • Simplify your project management through hosting all projects from one unified template.
  • Simplify your social media usage through built-in integration with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Simplify your analytic analysis through improved synchronization with Excel.

4. Reduce Information Overload

Don't let your staff become bogged down by excessive sources for communication and information. Email correspondence often proves distracting and constant file-searching presents an unnecessary chore. Instead, allow SharePoint to oversee all relevant company data and content in a single place, centralizing both internal communication and document management. With enhanced file search and sharing functionalities, SharePoint offers a degree of user-friendliness seldom found in Web-based tools. Succeed with streamlining information accessibility and you'll find your employees are more freed up to collaborate with coworkers and service customers effectively.

5. Think Outside the SharePoint Box

Yes, SharePoint has tremendous functionality in and of itself. But its usefulness only increases when you succeed at integrating it with other technology tools. Your SharePoint productivity receives a boost when you take full advantage of syncing the platform with Microsoft Office and other compatible applications your company already utilizes. Doing so will help automate various workflow processes and reduce the number of tedious, manual tasks performed by your employees. When you can eliminate operational inefficiencies and improve employee morale at the same time, everybody wins.


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