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SharePoint Knowledge Management

SharePoint knowledge management allows non-technical information workers to take a self-service approach to creating, revising, publishing, and managing knowledge using a web browser — without the need for developers and programmers.  With SharePoint’s content management capabilities, your workers can:

  • Create entire websites for departments, teams, projects, and individuals
  • Create other content like web pages, images, text, and links to websites
  • Publish content to intranet, extranet, or Internet sites
  • Use SharePoint features like workflow to review and approve content before publishing


Knowledge Demands Consistency

SharePoint is often synonymous with intranets and doesn’t get as much attention when it comes to public Internet or extranet sites.  However, all three — intranets, Internet sites, and extranets — involve and require content management to maintain consistency, especially when multiple departments, teams, and employees are involved in creating content for them.  SharePoint and its knowledge management features can be used for each of these sites:



Used for distributing and communicating internal or proprietary information or content to employees only.


Used for distributing and communicating content to employees, customers, and any other external sources.


Used for distributing and communicating information to authorized outside users only, like partners.


Why Knowledge Management Makes Sense

These sites are the most important tools you have for communicating with your employees, customers, and partners.  But if each uses different technology, meaning SharePoint wasn’t used, how can you expect to ensure that content remains consistent between them?  The task would quickly become overwhelming and will likely fail.  That’s why SharePoint should be your knowledge management platform.  The same features that make SharePoint attractive for intranets can be applied to any website:

  • A single platform to control all of your content management needs.
  • Simple content management that’s easy for non-technical users to learn.
  • Enterprise workflow provides oversight for review and approval before publishing.
  • Mobile-friendly and responsive so your sites look great on any device.
  • A streamlined system for creating and publishing websites and content.
  • Customizable for your brand. Don’t settle for a site that looks like a template.
  • Enterprise security gives you worry-free control over all your sites and content.
  • SEO friendly. Easily optimize the content on your sites for search engines to find.


Get A Best-In-Class Knowledge Management Platform

Delivering the right knowledge to employees, customers and partners when and where they want it and on any device is not only necessary, it’s expected.  Parlae Solutions is committed to helping you realize SharePoint’s full potential.  We can make it simple for you to leverage SharePoint’s knowledge management features to gain complete control over your content so you’re delivering the right content to the right audience, all the time.  Our experience with implementing SharePoint content management and customizing SharePoint sites to reinforce your brand are part of this commitment.



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