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Community Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
Blogs X X X
Discussion Forums X X X
Photos & Presence X X X
Wikis X X X
Ask Me About X X
Colleague Suggestions X X
Colleague & Membership X X
Enterprise Wikis X X
Keyword Suggestions X X
My Network X X
My Sites: People Profiles & Personal Sites X X
Note Board X X
Organization Browser X X
Ratings X X
Recent Activities X X
Social Bookmarks X X
Status Updates X X
Tag Clouds X X
Tag Profiles X X
Tags X X
Composites Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
BCS: BDC Service X X X
BCS: External Data Column X X X
BCS: External Lists X X X
BCS: External Data Search X X
BCS: Profile Pages X X
BCS: Secure Store X X
BCS: External Data Web Parts X
BCS: Office Client Integration X
Browser-Based Customizations X X X
Sandboxed Solutions X X X
Workflows X X X
SharePoint Designer Workflows X X X
Access Services X
InfoPath Forms Services X
Content Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
Microsoft Office Integration X X X
Accessibility Standards X X X
Compliance Everywhere X X
Document Sets X X
Metadata Navigation X X
Multi-stage Disposition X X
Rich Media Management X X
Shared Content Types X X
Content Organizer X X
Unique Document IDs X X
Word Automation Services X X
Insights Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
Business Data Web Parts X
Chart Web Parts X
Data Connection Library X
Excel Services X
Filter Framework X
PerformancePoint Services X
Status Indicators X
Visio Services X
Web Analytics Customization X
Search Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
Site Search X X X
Best Bets X X
Federation Connector X X
Duplicate Results Detection X X
Federated Search X X
Mobile Search Experience X X
People & Expertise Search X X
Phonetics & Nickname Expansion X X
Related Query Suggestions X X
Recently Authored Content X X
Search Refinement X X
Relevancy Tuning X X
Scaling Documents X X
Search Scopes X X
Social Tags X X
Sortable Search Results X X
Taxonomy & Term Store X X
Advanced Content Processing X X
Multiple Relevance Profiles X
Search Powered Applications X
Rich Web Indexing X
Scale to 500,000,000 Documents X
Search in Context X
Similar Results X
Sorting on Custom Properties X
Thumbnails & Previews X
Visual Best Bets X
Sites Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
Cross-Browser Support X X X
Mobile Connectivity X X X
Office Client Integration X X X
Web Parts X X X
Audience Targeting X X
Enterprise Management Options X X
Tagging X X
Video Support X X
Developer Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
Client Object Model X X X
Developer Dashboard X X X
Event Receivers X X X
LINQ for SharePoint X X X
Packaging Solutions X X X
REST & ATOM Data Feeds X X X
Ribbon & Dialog Framework X X X
SharePoint Lists X X X
SharePoint Service Architecture X X X
SharePoint Timer Jobs X X X
Workflow Models X X X
XSLT Views X X X
IT Pro Capabilities Foundation Standard Enterprise
Accessibility Features X X X
Claims-Based Authentication X X X
High-Availability Architecture X X X
Improved Backup and Restore X X X
Improved Governance X X X
Improved Setup & Configuration X X X
Exchange Integration X X X
Large List Scalability X X X
Managed Accounts X X X
Multi-Lingual UI X X X
Multi-tenancy X X X
Patch Management X X X
Permissions Management X X X
Quota Templates X X X
Read-Only DB Support X X X
Remote SQL BLOB Storage X X X
Resource Throttling X X X
Secure Store X X X
Service Application Platform X X X
SharePoint Health Analyzer X X X
Usage Monitoring & Logging X X X

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