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SharePoint Document Management

As your business grows, so does your reliance on documentation.  Each new product, service, customer, project, and employee warrants more and more.  Every day, information workers are producing, accessing, updating, and sharing documents as part of doing business.  Most of these documents contain information your employees need to be good at what they do, such as making decisions about:

  • Servicing customers
  • Selling products and services
  • Managing employees
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Everyday business operations

This is where SharePoint Document Management comes in.  This system provides your business with an easy-to-use and efficient tool to control document creation, review, publishing, and retention.  But your documents aren’t printed and published like a catalog.  They’re in motion — moving throughout the organization as information workers share, collaborate, edit, publish, and revise.  Your objective, and the objective of SharePoint document management, is to provide an efficient and reliable solution to support information workers as documents evolve.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

The premise behind SharePoint Document Management is simple: Upload documents to SharePoint and find the document you’re looking for when you need it.  The document management feature works out-of-the-box (OOB), meaning you can upload files to any SharePoint document library without doing much else past the SharePoint installation.  However, the fact that it works OOB may be misleading and could cause disappointment as time goes on and as more documents are added to SharePoint.  The feature is flexible by design and is meant to be customized to your organization’s way of doing things.


Document Management Made Manageable

As SharePoint experts, Parlae Solutions knows document management.  We’ve helped other organizations identify and implement the right document management solutions for their unique needs.  That’s because we understand the intricacies and requirements of document management and how its features and functions should be used — many of which you might be unaware.  For example, without establishing important details such as content types and taxonomies (i.e., how information is classified), your workers will search for information and likely find more than they need, rather than exactly what they need.

Ultimately, it’s not just about storing documents — it’s about structuring them in a way that reflects the culture of your organization and how documents should be accessed in an intelligent, systematized way that makes work less like work.  Parlae Solutions can help you achieve this level of productivity with a customized document management solution.



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