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SharePoint Business Intelligence

Your organization has data — vast amounts of it.  Executives and managers need that data to make informed decisions, but without a system in place for analysis and reporting, any attempts to use it quickly become cumbersome, costly or altogether impractical.  That’s why SharePoint offers business intelligence (BI) features — a collection of tools that allow you to make better decisions and more effective use of your data than ever before.  Almost any data source can be used with SharePoint’s self-service BI features, including:

  • SQL Server databases
  • Access databases
  • Line-of-business systems
  • Excel files
  • Web services

Keep in mind that these tools aren’t meant to replace corporate business intelligence.  Instead, they fulfill a need that often goes unfulfilled: self-service BI.  Similar to how non-technical users can edit SharePoint websites using the platform’s content management features, your organization can use SharePoint self-service business intelligence tools to run reports, slice data, and perform general BI actions without the need for assistance from your IT department.


Data for Decision-Making

Your data is likely stored in numerous formats throughout the organization and in various systems and files.  This often makes it a manual and time consuming process to collect, assemble, and present data in a way that’s useful and informative to those who need it.  Moreover, your information workers, analysts, managers, and executives may want to see this information in different ways.  SharePoint’s business intelligence reporting tools provide self-service, real-time access to view data in a useful way and present it as meaningful information.  Individuals can use reporting tools to:


Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Quick and easy SharePoint status lists

Sophisticated PerformancePoint scorecards

Build & Share Beautiful Reports

Excel and Excel Services for spreadsheets, PivotTables, and charts

Data visualization with PerformancePoint-linked charts and graphs

Create Informative, Useful Dashboards

Standalone SharePoint dashboards

Interactive PerformancePoint dashboards



The Right Information at the Right Time

Users at all levels of your business need quick access to data and the tools required to transform it into actionable insights.  Don’t risk users providing leadership with outdated information — give them the tools they need to support decision-makers now.  Your data is dynamic, and the answers leadership needs are there.  Parlae Solutions can help you realize the full potential of SharePoint’s business intelligence features — and your data — by delivering on a critical business need: self-service, end-user-driven reporting solutions.



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