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Business Driven SharePoint Implementation

We’ve seen our share of SharePoint implementations over the years.  Some were a huge success.  Some weren’t so successful.  Some completely stalled and failed.  Those that were successful had one thing in common that’s repeated over and over again: SharePoint is a business tool for business users.

Our Approach

Parlae Solutions takes a different approach to SharePoint implementation.  We’ve developed a business driven SharePoint implementation process that goes beyond the normal technical installation and configuration of SharePoint.  Our business driven SharePoint implementation process:

  • Is Goal and Objective Oriented
  • Is Narrow in Scope
  • Delivers Value Quickly

It's a simple process and it works

Getting Started

Sometimes that hardest part of trying something new is simply getting started.  The same is true of SharePoint implementation.  If that’s the case and you’re new to SharePoint, where do you begin?

Microsoft has published numerous best practice guides for SharePoint implementation.  None of them suggest using the application with the default installation or out of the box configuration.

You Need a Plan

Keep your SharePoint implementation simple at first.  Try to find the right balance between planning and action and do it right the first time.

Goals and Objectives

Why do you want to adopt SharePoint?  What do you want to accomplish?  Most likely, your goals and objectives are aligned with what SharePoint can do.  You wouldn’t be considering SharePoint if they weren’t.  Keep your goals specific.

Narrow Scope

Specific goals lead to narrow scope and narrow scope almost guarantees success.

Deliver Value Quickly

Find that one thing that will demonstrate the value of your efforts and do it well.  Your SharePoint implementation depends on delivering value.

How We Can Help

SharePoint is a business tool for business users.  Our business driven SharePoint implementation process is designed to help you meet your business goals by focusing on specific solutions that deliver value quickly.  We can help you find the right balance between planning and action for your SharePoint implementation.


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