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  • mobile sharepoint app sales
  • Monitor sales goals. Track progress. See sales rep performance at a glance.
    Update key stakeholders. Request feedback. Generate results faster.
    Never miss another opportunity. Collaborate and close from anywhere.

  • mobile sharepoint app sales
  • Prepare Expense Reports. Add Expenses at Point of Purchase. Approve from Anywhere.
    Oversee compliance regulations. Enforce rules. Disclose, document and report.
    Report on project accounting. Facilitate project creation, timesheets & resources.

  • mobile sharepoint app sales
  • Give Employees Options. Vacation Requests. Time of requests. From any Device.
    Manage Employee Onboarding. Recruiting, training and orientation.
    Prepare, submit and approve timesheets. Prevent late timesheet submission. Remind users.

  • mobile sharepoint app sales
  • Collaborate on Marketing Collateral. Review, Comment, Request Changes and Approve.
    Manage Projects and Campaigns. Stay ahead of milestones. Know who’s on track and who’s not.

  • mobile sharepoint app sales
  • Make the mobile workforce truly mobile. Eliminate paper and redundancy. Improve accuracy.
    Take orders. Instantly see customer purchase history. Cross sell.
    Empower the mobile workforce. Provide collaboration with the entire organization.

  • mobile sharepoint app sales
  • Track Helpdesk Tickets. Alert Users on Progress & Resolution.
    Manage Access Requests. Grant and Revoke User Permissions.
    Create system dashboards. Monitor performance. Solve issues before they become problems.

  • mobile sharepoint app sales
  • Streamline the supply chain. Gain inventory level insight. Collaborate up and down the chain.
    Record quality control and inspection results. Publish findings in real-time from the shop floor or warehouse.
    Monitor critical business processes. Provide status updates. Anytime. Anywhere.

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