Proprietary. Professional. Perfected.

Parlae Solutions has developed a proprietary service delivery model for helping our clients make the most out of their technology investments.  This process-based model has guided both our company and our clients to continual success for more than 10 years.  And because we follow it precisely, we deliver the right solution the first time — every time.

  • Our Process Strategy
  • Strategize

    Others like to plan.  We’d rather help you strategize.  The difference is in the experience.  Simply put, your team is more engaged when strategizing and that’s exactly what you need for a successful project.

  • Our Process Visualize
  • Visualize

    Our visualization techniques are perfected and proven to communicate your strategy.  No guesswork.  No surprises.  We make heavy use of wireframes and user stories to communicate functionality so you know exactly what to expect.  Then there’s the fun part.  We tap into our creative side and explore the look and feel – adding excitement to functionality.

  • Our Process Create
  • Build

    Behind the scenes, our technical staff uses their talent to execute your vision.  Although they’re not always in the spotlight, their commitment to their craft brings everything together and makes the whole team shine.  Custom solutions are built according to best practices published by Microsoft.  This ensures that your solution is built correctly today and is easy to upgrade tomorrow.

  • Our Process Adopt
  • Adopt

    We believe solutions designed with user adoption as a primary goal can affect positive change in your business.  You can’t conduct more business, make quicker decisions and to do more with less if users can’t use the technology.  That’s why our process focuses on people and  technology.

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