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Meet Our Newest Client: Automation Tool & Die, Inc.

About Automation Tool & Die

Automation Tool & Die began producing high-quality custom tooling solutions in 1974. Our entry into the metal stamping industry in 1989 was in direct response to the need we recognized for expert involvement at every level of the manufacturing process. Since then, we have introduced value-added services ranging from plating and tapping to assembly and distribution. More about Automation Tool & Die

How We're Adding Value

Parlae Solutions will automate several key business processes with SharePoint 2013 custom workflows and enhance the usability of business process forms by integrating SharePoint with the company's ERP.  Automation Tool & Die chose Parlae Solutions because of our proven expertise in solving long-standing technical SharePoint issues that the company was experiencing coupled with our experience automating key business processes and integrating SharePoint with LOB systems. More about Parlae Solutions

Meet Our Newest Client: Shearer's Snacks, Inc.

About Shearer's Snacks

Shearer’s Snacks is known for producing the highest quality conventional, organic, gluten free, non-GMO and kosher salty snacks in assorted flavors and sizes, including kettle cooked potato chips, traditional potato chips, tortilla chips, rice crisps, whole & multi grain chips, pretzels, popcorn, popped chips, baked chips, cheese curls, a variety of pellet based and extruded snacks, as well as a full line of premium, national brand equivalent and value cookies, crackers and wafers. More about Shearer's Snacks

How We're Adding Value

Parlae Solutions will begin the design and development of Shearer's SharePoint 2013 corporate intranet site. Phase I of the project will begin with devloping a creative concept that visually communicates the company's intranet strategy to its employees while focusing on the Shearer's brand.  Shearer's Snacks chose Parlae Solutions because of our demonstrated experience with customizing SharePoint to communicate our client's vision in a way that's consistent with their brand and at the same time, provide competent technical guidance on various SharePoint configuration options that met the company's unique needs. More about Parlae Solutions

Meet Our Newest Client: Victory Capital Management

About Victory Capital Management

Victory Capital Management is a multi-boutique asset management firm, headquartered in Cleveland, OH, with offices in Birmingham, MI; Cincinnati, OH; New York, NY; Boston, MA; Denver, CO; Rocky River, OH; and Brentwood, TN.  As of June 30, 2015, the firm had approximately $35.7 billion in assets under management and advisement. More about Victory Capital Management

How We're Adding Value

Parlae Solutions will help Victory Capital automate key business processes through the development and on-going support of SharePoint 2013 workflows.  Victory Capital chose Parlae Solutions because of our experience with helping companies of all sizes realize a return on their SharePoint investment through increased productivity and control over business processes. More about Parlae Solutions

Meet Our Newest Client: Sandridge Food Corporation

About Sandridge Food Corporation

Sandridge Food Corporation is built on a foundation of innovation, quality and commitment to the customer.  We provide services and fresh food solutions for the foodservice and retail industries.  A leader in the North American refrigerated foods industry for more than 50 years, Sandridge specializes in fresh refrigerated deli salads, sides, soups, sauces and specialty dishes.  Our fresh, never frozen, products are created by culinary experts and designed to please the taste enthusiast. More about Sandridge Food Corporation

How We're Adding Value

Parlae Solutions will help Sandridge with their SharePoint 2013 implementation as part of a multi-phase project to renew interest, usability and user adoption of SharePoint.  Sandridge chose Parlae Solutions because of our demonstrated expertise in helping companies of all sizes plan, implement and adopt SharePoint as their intranet platform. More about Parlae Solutions

Meet Our Newest Client: Petitti Garden Centers

About Petitti Garden Centers

Petitti Garden Center owns nine retail garden centers located in Oakwood Village, Avon, Strongsville, Tallmadge, Boardman, Middleburg Heights, Bainbridge, Mentor and Richmond Heights. Petitti’s also owns a 1000-acre nursery in Madison, Ohio and 32 acres of greenhouses in Columbia Station, Ohio. By propagating from seeds and cuttings, Ridge Manor and Casa Verde Growers produces 98% of the live product sold at the 9 Petitti Garden Centers. This translates into the greatest number of varieties and the largest selection of fresh, high quality plants available to the consumer. More about Petitti Garden Centers

How We're Adding Value

Parlae Solutions will help Petitti Garden Centers with their SharePoint 2013 intranet implementation with a specific focus on development of "quick win" functionality designed to promote collaboration and user adoption amongst employees. Petitti Garden Centers chose Parlae Solutions because our process - strategize, visualize, build and adopt - delivers real-world solutions and value for real-world business problems. More about Parlae Solutions

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