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SharePoint Training: Achieving Easier Introduction for End Users

Some introductions are easier than others.

Whereas you’d likely be thrilled to meet your favorite celebrity or your childhood hero, you might have reservations about being introduced to your significant other’s ex or that judgmental distant relative about whom you’ve heard horror stories.

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How a SharePoint Intranet Can Bolster Employee Engagement

They’re the lifeblood of your corporation, instrumental to everything you accomplish.

As your employees go, so goes the success of your business. Consequently, it behooves you to make achieving optimal employee engagement one of your highest priorities. The importance of employee engagement – that emotional commitment employees demonstrate towards their organization – simply cannot be overstated.

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7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of SharePoint Usage

Just how valuable can SharePoint be to your organization? It all depends.

When utilized to the fullest extent of its capabilities, SharePoint can transform the way your company conducts business operations. SharePoint usage by companies of all sizes from every industry imaginable has resulted in a myriad of benefits ranging from improved workflow efficiency to better department collaboration to optimized content management.

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Quick Tips to Improve SharePoint Adoption in 2016

Think you’re ready to take that plunge?

Your challenge might seem daunting at first. You’ve been tasked with transforming the way your company conducts business by achieving full-scale SharePoint adoption, and you know success won’t come easy. In fact, with proper buy-in you fully expect SharePoint’s longterm impact on your bottom line to be nothing short of significant.

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How to Create a Better Basic SharePoint Calendar

Picture a world void of calendars.

Chaos rules the day, though which day is anyone’s guess. Society’s ability to conduct timekeeping, track days and record significant events becomes exceedingly difficult, if not impossible. On an individual level, managing one’s personal schedule based solely upon solar and lunar phases presents numerous challenges.

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5 SharePoint Tips for Greater Team Productivity

When it comes to your business, time truly is money.

You strive to maximize workplace efficiency, and for good reason -- the correlation between business productivity and profitability is clear for most companies. Yet no matter how you slice it, there's simply never enough hours in the day. That is, until you optimize your team's SharePoint productivity.

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What is a SharePoint Intranet-in-a-Box?

In this post I compare building an intranet to buying a car and explain what a SharePoint Intranet-in-a-box is and what it should do for you.

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The Cheapest Way to Implement a SharePoint Intranet

Find out the most cost effective way to implement SharePoint in your business. In this blog post, you’ll learn about:

  • How much it’s going to cost
  • The FREE version of SharePoint
  • What you need to know before you get started
  • How to start SMALL & win BIG
  • More

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Custom Instances of Default List Templates

SharePoint’s built-in list templates provide a great deal of functionality, such as special views. Unfortunately, these features are lost when creating a custom list definition since they are tied to a specific template.

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Set Up SharePoint Outgoing Email

Email, though many have come to barely tolerate it in terms of spam, serves a necessary purpose within the SharePoint architecture.

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Enable Full Trust for SharePoint Workflow Apps

We completed a project for which a company requested extranet portals for its clients. The portals provide information for each client on their various projects.

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Using XSLT and Bootstrap in a SharePoint App

If you want to create a customizable yet responsive form within SharePoint, you may want to think about using XSLT and Bootstrap.

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Advantages of Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a widely used and very popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework that is utilized to create web sites or web applications.

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Waive Emails for Workflows in Visual Studio 2013

Our shop is full of coders—not power users, not designers, but coders. We write lines, compiled or interpreted, and develop out from there.

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